RTKLIB user survey

Usually I share my experiences with RTKLIB in this blog, but this time I’d like to find out more about everyone else’s experiences. I’ve put together a short survey here. I’m hoping as many readers as possible will respond, even if you have little or no direct experience with RTKLIB. The world of GNSS has evolved tremendously since I started this blog almost six years ago and I know that the users and uses of RTKLIB have evolved along with it but I’m curious to know more about the details. I’d like to keep the blog as relevant as possible to as many readers as possible, and so it will be very helpful to have this feedback.

I’m sure others are interested as well, so I will publish the results once everyone has has time to respond. In the meantime you can see a summary of the results up to date when you complete the survey.

Let me know in the comments if I’ve left out any questions I should have included. I may update the survey or publish a set of follow-on questions.


One thought on “RTKLIB user survey”

  1. Cool idea! Thanks, looking forward to the results.
    Hey person who wrote about robotic lawn mower in the survey, do you interested in sharing some experience? I used to play with this theme a few years ago.


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