Update 9/13/22:  I am currently fully booked for consulting projects and am unable to take on new clients at this time.  I will update here if this status changes.

I am happy to take a quick look at raw data at no charge if you are having trouble getting decent solutions or do my best to answer questions you have about RTKLIB or any of the material covered here. I interact with quite a few of my readers and enjoy being able to help out when I can.

If you are looking for help with a project involving a larger commitment of time I am also available on a consulting basis. My rates are reasonable as my primary goal is to find interesting projects to work on and continue to improve my understanding of precision GPS and RTKLIB.  I can help with product development, data analysis, configuration optimization,  code customization, feature enhancements, tool development, training, or any other RTKLIB or low cost RTK/PPK related task and normally work on an hourly basis.  I have helped many small companies incorporate low-cost RTK/PPK solutions into their products.

You can contact me at

You can find more information about me at my linkedin page.

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