New code, new gps data

I’ve just released the b28 version of the demo5 code.  It includes all of the updates in the b28 update of the official RTKLIB 2.4.3 code.  It also now supports both Tersus and Swift low cost dual frequency receivers.  The Tersus updates were part of the official 2.4.3 release although I did make a few changes to fully support the L2 measurements as well as some changes to the makefiles to get all apps to build.  The Swift receiver support is based on code I pulled from the Swift RTKLIB Github page.  I suspect the receiver specific RTKLIB code for both receivers could use some improvements in translating from the raw binary formats to the Rinex/internal observation formats but at least this is a starting point.  The executables are available from the download section at  The source code is available on my Github page.

I’ve also uploaded some data sets comparing the Swift Piksi Multi and the u-blox M8T as well as between the Tersus BX306 receiver and the u-blox M8T.  This data is also available from the download section at




2 thoughts on “New code, new gps data”

  1. Hi, I’ve tried to compile your source code but no success. It (VS 2013) complains that in navimain.cpp, rtksvrstart() has wrong number of arguments as below.
    Error 8 error C2660: ‘rtksvrstart’ : function does not take 15 arguments E:\MR LAI\RTKLIB-demo5\app\rtknavi_qt\navimain.cpp 1095 1 rtknavi_qt
    I’ve checked the souces and found that in rtklib.h, rtksvrstart() was defined with 17 arguments but in navimain.cpp only 15 ones.
    I’m building source code on win 7 64 bit with Qt Vs Tools, Qt 5.6.2 for Windows.


    1. Hi Tran. I have not tried building any of the QT versions of RTKLIB … just trying to keep up with the Windows and Linux versions of all the different apps is already as much as, sometimes more, than I can handle. I have not made any changes to rtksvrstart() myself so suspect that this problem came from changes I ported from the official release code. If anybody has a fix for this I’d be happy to pull the changes into my code.


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