Another Raspberry Pi RTKLIB project

After describing my simple Pi based data logger in my last post, I stumbled across this Raspberry Pi based GPS project on  It uses an M8T receiver and includes a touchscreen GUI to manage RTKLIB.  It has downloadable files for 3D printing the case as well as an image file with all the code for the SD card (something I should probably provide with mine).

I haven’t looked at in great detail but it seems very intriguing and could be a good alternative to what I described in my last post if you are looking for something with greater capability.

Here’s a photo of the completed project.



5 thoughts on “Another Raspberry Pi RTKLIB project”

  1. Hello
    Here is a video of post processing with data and one with CORS, the results are not correct with CORS because the rover is in France and stations in USA. The epoch have to be adapted because hourly data are only available 3 days. If you use auto base mode you have to close RTKBASE to stop the base mode (else it will still run in background). Software will also crash if not enough stations are found.
    I use the command line syntax for rnx2rtkp and CORS data from you site ( the rgp data and process are not the same, its
    rnx2rtkp -k test1.conf -o out.pos ebay.obs zdv13480.15o zdv13480.15n zdv13480.15g
    the .15n and .15g file are the nav data for GPS and Glonass


  2. Hello
    Thank’s for the report on the rapsberry touchscreen project, we have done a lot of updates since the first release, you can follow it and download sources and pre-installed raspberry pi disk images here :
    and a Wiki here :

    A video to present the interface in use :

    This year update is the on board automatic post processing on RGP IGN data (France area only) and we wwill try to make it work for CORS station from NOAA server (USA) .
    Actually you can do :
    – Use rover presets of RTKLIB for single/sbas/dgps/rtk/ppp
    – create your own rover presets on the interface
    – Base mode with last position results in rover or manual input
    – create presets for base mode
    – Data logging , you have to choose output file in base mode
    – Automatic post processing on RGP IGN server with rnx2rtkp a internet connexion is needed, the software looks the 1 to 6 nearest stations in the wanted radius and will download and process data, you can log, process data and go to base mode in the same process (beta on master branch, works only on RPI3 and desktop). if more than one station process is asked a average position of all station will be done

    I’m looking for a 30mn data log from US to test and adapt the automatic post processing to the NOAA CORS server, if someone got one or know were I can find one


  3. I try to buld one like this but i want to use windows 10 iot.
    Is it possible ? & what about using Demo 5 Ver ?

    P.S. I have basic knowledge in windows but not in linux
    P.S.2 where i can find the 3d-printer files ?


    1. Hi Dimitri. I’m pretty sure you could build a similar logger with Windows 10 IOT but I don’t know how much translation work it would require. If you get the 2.4.3 version of RTKLIB working on IOT then the demo5 version should work too. I didn’t build one of these myself, just thought it might be interesting to other readers, so I don’t know the details about file locations, etc but I believe they are available.


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