Another Raspberry Pi RTKLIB project

After describing my simple Pi based data logger in my last post, I stumbled across this Raspberry Pi based GPS project on  It uses an M8T receiver and includes a touchscreen GUI to manage RTKLIB.  It has downloadable files for 3D printing the case as well as an image file with all the code for the SD card (something I should probably provide with mine).

I haven’t looked at in great detail but it seems very intriguing and could be a good alternative to what I described in my last post if you are looking for something with greater capability.

Here’s a photo of the completed project.



2 thoughts on “Another Raspberry Pi RTKLIB project”

  1. I try to buld one like this but i want to use windows 10 iot.
    Is it possible ? & what about using Demo 5 Ver ?

    P.S. I have basic knowledge in windows but not in linux
    P.S.2 where i can find the 3d-printer files ?


    1. Hi Dimitri. I’m pretty sure you could build a similar logger with Windows 10 IOT but I don’t know how much translation work it would require. If you get the 2.4.3 version of RTKLIB working on IOT then the demo5 version should work too. I didn’t build one of these myself, just thought it might be interesting to other readers, so I don’t know the details about file locations, etc but I believe they are available.


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