Demo5 code in action


I thought I would share this photo sent to me by César from Cerea GPS from some testing they did with the Demo5 RTKLIB code and their auto-steer software.  It’s great to see RTKLIB being used for real applications!


3 thoughts on “Demo5 code in action”

  1. Yes. This field will be used for planting lettuce. We use a novatel ag-star with a rasperry pi as base station and a novatel ag-star as rover.
    In short distance (< 10 km) this gives good results.
    With demo5 we have more % of fix.
    Novatel is a expensive smart antenna, but after testing a lot with low cost receivers in the past
    we select this antenn for reliability reasons.
    It isportant also a good behaviour without
    Rtk corrections, and this antenna gives that good behaviour.


    1. @cesar @ Tim

      I have downloaded modified rtknavi version of cerea.
      It is nice for good work on tablet computers!
      I would be good to use English and Spanish buttons especially for non Spanish users.

      I have seen that you use some not correct settings especially minfix and minholdsats to 2.

      Tim, if it’s possible you can make a blog for realtime usage with a description of parameters that have a positive affect.

      If have modified settings in cerea rtknavi according to your description in your last post.. after that it was a pleasure to look increasing ratio ….
      Because of rain i was not able to drive into my fields….

      I also have tested with my reach unit. After running 15 min I got no fix…
      I hope next release will give more stable quality.

      What I don’t unterstand if I use reach with not good conditions e.g. I was testing my rfd900 and the GPS antenna was in my car I got fix after minutes. If I have perfect conditions it don’t work?!?!

      Regards Andreas


      1. Hi Andreas. I’m glad the suggested settings helped. I’m not sure I understand you request for a post for setting parameters for “real-time usage”. The setting recommendations I made a couple of posts back should apply equally to real-time or post-processing.

        I suggest leaving raw data logging always enabled whenever you are doing real-time processing. That way anytime you have results you don’t understand, you will have the data and can plot the observations and re-run the data with stats and trace debugging on, after the fact. Otherwise there is really no way to know why it didn’t work.


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