RTKLIB GUI Builder: Special Deal $49

For anyone who is interested in building the GUI versions of RTKLIB,  Embarcadero has a special deal going on right now for the new starter edition of their C++ Builder for just $49. It’s available at least for the next seven days.  Apparently it was available for one day for free but I unfortunately missed that opportunity.  The regular price is $217 so this is a significant discount.

I have bought a copy and tried it out on a few of the 2.4.3 b8  modules.  All built either error-free or just required a couple of minor fixes.  Apparently it does not work yet on the very latest version of RTKLIB but I’m sure somebody will fix it soon.

For those of you who don’t know, the  CUI versions of RTKLIB can be built with either the Visual Studio C++ or GCC, but to build the GUI apps, the Embaracero compiler is required.




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