Kinematic solution with RNX2RTKP


In the last post we used the RTKPOST GUI to generate a kinematic position solution using “ebay.obs” for the rover data and “zdv13480.15o” for the base station data. To do the equivalent run from RNX2RTKP we use the following command line, run from the folder containing the data files.

rnx2rtkp -k test1.conf -o out.pos ebay.obs zdv13480.15o ebay.nav

The -k option is to specify the configuration file, the -o option is the output file. In this case we use the configuration file we saved from RTKPOST in the previous post.

To plot the calculated solution use the following command line:

rtkplot out.pos

This calls up the same plot GUI we previously accessed by clicking on the “Plot” button in the RTKPOST GUI.

The plots should be identical between this solution and the previous solution generated with RTKPOST.

To keep track of changes between various runs with the same data, I use a matlab wrapper to create a sub-folder, copy the config file, trace file, stats file, and result file to that sub-folder, input a short description of the run, and also save that to the sub-folder.

13 thoughts on “Kinematic solution with RNX2RTKP”

  1. Dear Rtklibexplorer how the variable is used to correctly enter the start and end time of an observation (-ts ds = 2019/09/05 ts = 19: 11: 56 -te of = 2019/09/05 te = 19: 13: 38 ) it gives me an error.
    Thank you and very good contributions


    1. Hi Gabriel. The correct form for start and end time options is “-ts ds ts” and “-te de te”. For example, to set the start observation you would use something in the form of “-ts 2019/09/19 15:06:00”. You can also get this information from the RTKLIB manual or by using the ? option in the command line (e.g. “rnx2rtkp ?”).


      1. Thank you very much for your answer, I was writing the sentence wrong, and I was able to create static solutions for point.
        -ts 2019/09/05 19:11:56 -te 2019/09/05 19:13:56


  2. Do you have some sample data to download? I want to learn how to PPK, but i don’t have the equipment, just want to know how to use RNX2RTKP


  3. Hi Rtklibexplorer
    I’m using the command line from the post ( rnx2rtkp -k test1.conf -o out.pos ebay.obs zdv13480.15o ebay.nav) to process a static solution with CORS data, even if rnx2rtkp giveme a result, is it the correct way to do it ? is it possible ta add more data from the CORS server to get a better or correct result ? (.SP3 files, GPS


    1. Hi Francklin. If the base and rover are relatively close to each other, then orbital and atmospheric errors will mostly cancel out in the double differencing that is part of the solution process. In this case, the additional information in the files available from the CORS server will generally not help much. If your baselines are longer (say greater than 20 km) you may find using these files does improve the solution.


  4. Hi.
    Very impressed by the work done. Nice and very well documented blog.
    About antennas and the JB note, you may be know already that that we could have an image of your antenna SNR in the $GLGSV line. in the 7th parameter. Could be a good point to look at, when comparing antenna in the different test.
    On my test, an inbuilt antenna for a small M8N 35*35 give around S1 =35/38 , with a 50*50mm I have roughly 42 , and with the external antenna supplied with the C94-M8P , I acheive around 50 for S1 . I will also soon test the TW3740


  5. Hi rtklibexplorer,

    For start, let me apologize for my basic english and thank you for your blog, it’s really good.
    I have a problem using rnx2rtkp with a .bat file and it would be great if you can help me. Actually, my problem appears when I try the kinematic and the differential mode in the option menu. When I run my .bat file, everything works, the options are correct but when I inspect the .pos files, I see that the time start, the time end and the time interval are not similar that in my .obs file. Furthermore, if I use rtkpost instead with the same .obs file and .nav file, this time I have everything that is correct. Unfortunatly, I have a lot of files to convert in .pos so I can’t do it with rtkpost for everyone of them. Last detail, if this time I use rnx2rtkp but with the single mode, this time also I have everything good. I hope you will be able to help me.


    1. Hi Dan. If rtkpost is working for you, then you should be able to save the config file from the options menu (in rtkpost) and use that with rnx2rtkp. If that doesn’t work then all I can do is suggest the same I did for Alessandro. Start simple and work up. It’s probably something simple that isn’t right (otherwise it wouldn’t work in rtkpost). Enabling the trace output will often help find these kind of problems.


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